Monday, 7 May 2012


Right. Hello.

A couple of months ago I re-discovered some old diaries from when I was a youngster (when I was a, when a was a youngster), which I kept from the ages of 10-18. Not only did they have my housemate and I in hysterics, I realised how nice it is to have a reminder of thoughts, feelings and life events. I was very, very candid though (a.k.a a total bitch), although I think that's fair - I never thought I'd be reciting them to my friends in years to come!

If nothing else, this blog will serve me well as an online diary I can revisit in ten years (from my hovercraft) and smile. If anyone else enjoys reading it, that's great. Maybe I can even pepper my blog with some old diary posts...

PS: Sorry Cat for calling you 'a weedy little boff' circa 1997.
PPS: Sorry KTB for calling you the 'c word'. However I score imagination points for replacing the 'C' with a 'K'.

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