Saturday, 19 May 2012

Blogosphere: Week 2

Ok, I have well and truly caught the blogging bug. At the end of my second week I have reached 1,000 page views and am really chuffed that so many people have shown interest. Thank you! A couple of people have left lovely comments and I have found some great blogs to enjoy, particularly I Covet Thee, Emily Charlotte and Zoella. What's the antidote for Blogger's Addiction?

Yesterday I caught the bus from mine up to Oxford Street yesterday for a spot of shopping - had to take some bits back to Primark and John Lewis. Although I've lived in zone 2 for three years, I still get awestruck by the tourist sights and snap away merrily as the 159 crosses the Thames! Loser.

Dear Diary: 21/01/1997 (aged 12)

I got my refreshers from Lucy and ate them during break. I took Shout and T.O.T.P [magazines] into school but I barely got to look at them! In English we were being real idiots but it was funny. Catherine was doing when the boy turns into the mouse in the witches. It was really funny and she threw herself into it.

Best thing today: That was the best bit.

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Dear Diary: 20/01/1997 (aged 12)

Got up, went to school, came home. Biology and French homework took AGES. Lucy Jay is going to buy me a pack of refreshers since I gave her the money. Today in Bio we looked at dead sea animals and Candy thought we were dissecting them.

Best thing today: Calling M[rs] Chambers the cellulite queen. It was quite funny.

Mystery Jets gig!

Last night I went to see Mystery Jets at O2 Academy Brixton with Lisa and two friends. It was the fourth time I've seen them live - the first time they were supporting the Kooks at Brixton (wearing unforgettable sequinned jackets), the second at the iTunes festival and thirdly at the Hippodrome in Kingston which was a brilliantly small and energetic gig. Every show of theirs feels like a big party. They're not too active on stage, but I think the crowd they attract know and love their hits (Two Doors Down, Half in Love with Elizabeth, Flakes, Seratonin) and just want to have a dance and sing along!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dear Diary: 18/01/1997 (aged 12)

Today I went round to Catherine's house and it was really cool, first we played on her SNES, then we went to Sutton but I didn't buy much but we saw Sarah and Natalie. When we got back all of Robert's friends were there.

Best thing today: Seeing all those boys. It was a bit overwhelming!

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Dear Diary: 15/01/1997 (aged 12)

I might be going round to Catherine's on Saturday because it is her brother's birthday and he's having loads of friends over. I might be staying over as well! COR! Lucy Jay is over at the moment and at school Amy really got on my nerves.

Best thing today: At school with Cath and Lucy. They are really good friends.

Email Home: 18/08/2011 (aged 26)

Kenya - Week 1

Hi all!

After one full week away, it seemed an appropriate point to send my first email home! My time in Kenya so far has been better than expected (although I didn’t have any preconceptions) and everyone is really nice. I was surprised just how quickly you get settled in, and I can’t believe a week has passed! I've sent this email just to those whose emails I had, but please feel free to pass on!

I arrived at the Voyager hotel in Mombasa last Friday morning and stayed one night. All inclusive meant you could order snacks throughout the day (including pancakes) so I made the most of that! Nyali beach is lovely – the sand is like icing sugar but there’s a fair bit of seaweed when the tide is out.

The volunteers live in two houses on an estate near the slums. They’re fairly basic but definitely do the job (given I expected to be in a mud hut). We stay in bunk beds and have fans in the bedroom so heat isn’t generally a problem at night. There’s a chore rota so we take it in turns to clean and cook. We live near the Bombolulu slum (‘village’) which is where the ‘school’ is based. Olives Rehabilitation Centre is essentially a school which is not yet recognized by the government, but that’s the aim for the place going forward.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

No idea...


Dear Diary: 14/02/1996 (aged 11)

Woke up and went to school. Michelle got 4 Valentine cards. 4! I didn’t get any. Had English then TV then Art except I had to do boring sewing! Went back to Michelle’s and helped her pig out on her chocolates………

Dear Diary: 13/02/1996 (aged 11)

Woke up at 7.15 and got up. Went to school. Had maths and topic. Had lunch. Michelle kept hanging around Ben so I played an with Catherine and Natasha. Made up. After school Dan and Ashley we [sic] whistling at Michelle. I wish boys liked me. It is true that Take That are really splitting up!

Dear Diary: 30/11/1999 (aged 15)

I should be doing my paper round now but papers ain’t come since trouble with printing. I bet my stalker Colin is upset.

My opinions @ the mo:

Rachel & Danielle should make friends again (they will soon)
The art department should burn down along with my mock GCSE collage.
I am looking 4d 2 the weekend
Scanner is working, t’is good.
Lisa is a moody, stinky cow with rabies.

I am really tired cos I have not had enough sleep recently. I will 2night. I hope. PS: My fav boys name is Dylan.

Katie Angel* Farley** Carter***

* Ashley Angel from mediocre US boyband O-Town
** Trey Farley, Saturday morning television presenter
*** Nick Carter, Backstreet Boy

Monday, 14 May 2012

Dear Diary: 07/06/2002 (aged 17)

I’m watching the England Argentina game (World Cup). I am very excited and will be happy if they win. England R wearing red. Now it’s national anthems. I am quite nervous. David Beckham is sweet, I hope he gets a goal!!

It’s half time now, we SCORED once from a penality penalty by YDavidY. I screamed very loud and so did Lisa although she has been really annoying recently, giving me the third degree about EVERYTHING. She’s so inquisitive, nosy & bossy. Grrr!

Gary Linekar is really sweet + nice. If he gets divorced from his childhood sweetheart Michelle, I will marry him. He has a suntan + grey hair.

We won the game. Yay!

This has been my half term so far:

Fri       Cinema + Plough
Sat       Navid’s house ‘party’
Sun     Charlotte’s house PARTY
Mon    Nothing
Tue      Nothing
Wed    Weatherspoons + Chicagos (Epsom)
Thur    Croydon (George + Flares)
Fri       (Today) Paul’s 18th in Stoneleigh
Sat       Nothing (Anthony’s bday)
Sun     Paul’s BBQ?


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Blogosphere – Week 1

This week has flown past (especially the weekend!) and I have absolutely loved my first week of blogging. I have no idea how my visit stats compare to other blogs, but I am so pleased that you have stumbled across my ramblings and hope they raised a smile/wave of nostalgia.

If you’ve enjoyed reading so far, I would love for you to share the link with your friends! You can also receive new posts via email by popping your address in the box to the right. I will be blogging as often as I can – every day if possible so please check in regularly and I promise there will be new titbits for you to read J

The high point of the week just gone was booking a holiday. I’ll be going to Crete with Lisa (yes, we get along now!) to relax in the sunshine. I went out in the evenings a lot this week so am suffering from a cumulative lack of sleep this afternoon but made it to Greenwich to meet friends for lunch following a night in Clapham last night. I’m glad I didn’t spend the day procrastinating.

I finally used a Groupon voucher I had for a massage yesterday and it was just the strangest experience ever. The salon had rung twice to reschedule so I put my foot down when they tried to do it again and thought I’d get it over with. The massage started with the therapist coating me in oil (including my hair!) so I stank of chip fat as a result. The massage was nice enough, but the surroundings were so dank (I could hear the therapist going for a wee in the tiny loo when I was in ‘relaxation time’) and there was no element of luxury or indulgence. Big thumbs down from me! I never really enjoy massages anyway, so I don’t know why I keep going back for more!

This week will be busy at work – it should be really interesting. Hopefully the weather picks up so I can walk home from work and I’m going to try and make up for the lack of gym action this week. Am going to see my favourite band, the Mystery Jets on Friday which should be brilliant, they always put on an amazing show.

Dear Diary: 02/04/1997 (aged 12)

Today we went to Auntie Maggys cos Mum went to work and Lisa was being a tell tale, a sucker-upper and a spoilsport and I made a shield sign against her. In the end she was ok but she ruined it. She is the bad one but I end up getting told off.

Best thing today: Listening to my tape.

Dear Diary: 31/08/1997 (aged 12)

Today Lisa was being really annoying and screaming. Princess Diana died in a car crash this morning and she has done a lot for the world. I went to Catherine's yesterday. I am looking forward to going to school on Wed (sort of).

Best thing today: earning £2 from Dennis.

Dear Diary: 06/04/1997 (aged 12)

Today Sweet Valley High was on. The one about the naked painting but stupid Lisa taped the wrong channel then I made some rice krispie cakes and Lisa just took one! How rude. Later I played football with Michelle and Lynne's friend from Church.