Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dear Diary: 30/11/1999 (aged 15)

I should be doing my paper round now but papers ain’t come since trouble with printing. I bet my stalker Colin is upset.

My opinions @ the mo:

Rachel & Danielle should make friends again (they will soon)
The art department should burn down along with my mock GCSE collage.
I am looking 4d 2 the weekend
Scanner is working, t’is good.
Lisa is a moody, stinky cow with rabies.

I am really tired cos I have not had enough sleep recently. I will 2night. I hope. PS: My fav boys name is Dylan.

Katie Angel* Farley** Carter***

* Ashley Angel from mediocre US boyband O-Town
** Trey Farley, Saturday morning television presenter
*** Nick Carter, Backstreet Boy

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