Saturday, 19 May 2012

Blogosphere: Week 2

Ok, I have well and truly caught the blogging bug. At the end of my second week I have reached 1,000 page views and am really chuffed that so many people have shown interest. Thank you! A couple of people have left lovely comments and I have found some great blogs to enjoy, particularly I Covet Thee, Emily Charlotte and Zoella. What's the antidote for Blogger's Addiction?

Yesterday I caught the bus from mine up to Oxford Street yesterday for a spot of shopping - had to take some bits back to Primark and John Lewis. Although I've lived in zone 2 for three years, I still get awestruck by the tourist sights and snap away merrily as the 159 crosses the Thames! Loser.

I made a few purchases:

Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation in 30 Beige - not a bad price with my staff discount. The first time I went to buy this it was out of stock, so I bought Vitalumiere instead. A lovely foundation, but I find I need to constantly powder to combat the sheen on my oily skin. I got a tester of PL at the time and liked it, so it should hopefully give more of a matte effect. It was Pixiwoo who persuaded me to spend a bit more on foundations - I don't know whether to thank them or send my credit card bill!
Snakeskin heels from Primark - these will make a nice change from the black heels I always slip on when I get into work (there's a pit of black heels underneath my desk!).
Pumps from Primark - perfect for getting to and from work. They wear down quickly (and let in the rain) but are mega cheap so I can deal with that!
Leggings from Primark - funky print for summer! Again, they make a change from my normal black. I'll be wearing these with a long black top and flip flops.

Plain black skirt from Zara - I'm not particularly 'girly' in the way that I dress, I tend to go for cropped trousers and a blazer for work, despite owning a few skirts and dresses. I want to wear skirts and dresses more so bought a black skirt with belt loops (I do like a thin belt) and slit up the back. It'll sit just above the knee but will be fine for work with tights.

Today I'm down at Mum's for a lamb roast dinner - mmm! Passing time playing on Lisa's iPad (getting jealous!) and with the mental cat.

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