Saturday, 9 June 2012

Dear Diary: 04/02/1997 (aged 12)

Sometimes I feel like swearing at mum. She just WILL NOT let me get Sugar. I even let her cut out the rude parts. I feel really jealous of Anna, Louise, Halyey [sic], Sarah, Natalie, Catherine, they are ALL allowed to get it. She is so fuddy-duddy.

Best thing today: Seeing Michelle at disco and getting Shout.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Dear Diary: 17/06/1997 (aged 12)

Today at school I sprayed perfume in the classroom and Mrs Chambers could smell it. We got Physics results back. I got 77%. That isn't too bad, but guess what? I got more than Amanda! I was really surprised! Leo is being cuddly.


I can't find my Brad Renfro picture (sob!). I got a chocolate exchange letter from Selina and you are supposed to get 36 bars of chocolate! I have to give out 6 letters to people. On Saturday I am going into Epsom with Hannah, Natalie etc. I am gonna buy some magnetic earrings even though in one month I am getting a second hole pierced. I can't wait but I hope it didn't hurt like last time. Jo Gallagher and Selina are always swearing at school and it isn't very nice.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dear Diary: 07/02/1996 (aged 11)

Woke up at 8.45. Went to school and had ass. Did maths and ?. Came out of school. Did dance club and came home. Michelle caught Liz and Ben snogging and was really upset.

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A massage to forget!

This is written a little after the event, perhaps it's taken this long for me to process the experience and feel able to commit it to text!Whilst reading Cupcakes and Cherries: The Queensbury regarding a Groupon voucher, I was reminded of the only time I've used a Groupon voucher. It was for 75% off an Indian herb oil massage and facial.  I've had mixed experiences when it comes to massages but thought I'd indulge myself one Saturday afternoon in March.

That particular Saturday passed with no massage as I was called on my way there to let me know the shop had had to close for the day and Could We Reschedule? Ok then.

Suffice to say all of the Groupon pictures portrayed a glossy, colourful and professional salon. I arrived at a dingy little office which could have done with a right old spruce up containing one little old lady receptionist in a big coat. She asked for my Groupon voucher and called the therapist out of the 'treatment room'; they proceeded to examine it for 15 minutes before making a telephone call to the owner to discuss it some more. I entertained myself by looking at the selection of products on display in a cloudy display cabinet, all of which were past their sell by date. Yum! The certificates adorning the wall had a distinct Microsoft Publisher feel to them.

I toyed with the idea of 'doing a runner', but I'm just too damn polite.

Eventually I was lead into a room and handed a pair of paper pants. 'No top', she replied when I enquired. I was sat on a wooden chair and warm oil was poured on my head for a scalp massage. Mmm, greasy! I was expecting an oil with a delicate aroma of rosemary, thyme, mint... in reality all I could liken it to was a chip pan.

The room itself had bay windows with blinds across. Blinds which were open. Again I was too polite to say anything but wouldn't be surprised if it acts as a meeting spot for a couple of local pervs.

The body massage wasn't all bad, as was the facial (if a bit 'scrubby'). Two particular points of the experience stand out:

1. Once the face mask was on it was relaxation time "Goodnight". Whilst trying to relax I heard the therapist going to the toilet in the small ajoining toilet. At this point I smiled wryly to myself and wished someone else was there to share the experience.

2. Once the face mask was wiped off, I was lead into said toilet and some facewash was squirted into my cupped hands so I could Rinse Off The Remnants in the teeny tiny wash basin. Now that's pampering for you!! 

I pulled my clothes back onto my greasy chip pan body, pulled my greasy chip pan hair into a ponytail and called my sister to pick me up (to spare the public my appearance and smell). I possibly left the salon more agitated than when I arrived.


Dear Diary: 01/02/1996 (aged 11)

Woke up and went to school. Assembly. Hymn practice and we leant [sic] a song called Oo - oo -- oo Dolphins across the water, oo - oo - oo dolphins across the sea. Went back in the classroom. After school, went round Michelle's and went on the computer and then went to dancing.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dear Diary: 03/07/1999 (aged 14)

Catherine's party was really good. I got some nice white trousers.
David Wakefield Y Katie B
Robert Wakefield Y Rachel

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Blogosphere - Week 4

The Jubilee Weekend has turned me Royalist - Lizzie's beaming face on the front page of the papers melts my ice cold heart a little.

On Saturday the estate where we live had a fair - it was lovely. On registration we were handed food and drinks vouchers with a huge selection of food to choose from; ranging from Latin American epanemas to Caribbean goat curry to fish, rice and peas. Yum! We watched the swing band, ate candy floss, got thrown off the rodeo and jiggled along with a zumba class. Check us out in our t-shirts!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Dear Diary: 26/06/1999 (aged 14)

At Cathy's suprise party James had been taking drugs & he came up to the house & knocked on the door & was shouting to Cath. We were terrified and crawled up the stairs & stayed up there for about 15 minutes.

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Dear Diary: 22/04/1997 (aged 12)

Today mum bought be the soundtrack of Romeo and Juliet. I am taking it to school tomorrow. Maybe it will get me some popularity tommorrow. When you open the sleeves there are all pictures. Today after school Catherine and I went into Cheam and then to the library. In WH Smiths there is a L&K magazine and it has 2 posters of Leonardo in it. It is £2.50 and I am going to buy it. Katie B is coming on Thurs.