Friday, 8 June 2012

Dear Diary: 17/06/1997 (aged 12)

Today at school I sprayed perfume in the classroom and Mrs Chambers could smell it. We got Physics results back. I got 77%. That isn't too bad, but guess what? I got more than Amanda! I was really surprised! Leo is being cuddly.


I can't find my Brad Renfro picture (sob!). I got a chocolate exchange letter from Selina and you are supposed to get 36 bars of chocolate! I have to give out 6 letters to people. On Saturday I am going into Epsom with Hannah, Natalie etc. I am gonna buy some magnetic earrings even though in one month I am getting a second hole pierced. I can't wait but I hope it didn't hurt like last time. Jo Gallagher and Selina are always swearing at school and it isn't very nice.

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