Saturday, 2 June 2012

Top Ten Songs Ever (aged 14)

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1.  Crossroads - Bone Thugs n Harmony
2.  Time of me Life - Dirty Dancing
3.  Unchained Melody What becomes of the Broken Hearted – Robson & Jerome
4.  I Need You Tonight – Nick Carter
5.  Eternal Flame – Bangles
6.  I Want You Back – Jackson 5
7.  Edge of Heaven – Wham
8.  Summertime – Another Level Don’t Walk Away – The Moffats
9.  Friends Forever – Thunderbugs
10. Love Fool - Cardigans


Friday, 1 June 2012

Jubilee Nail Art!

(L-R: without flash, with flash)

What do you think? I painted these bad boys last night when I should have been asleep. What can I say, I'm just too damn excited about the 60th anniversary of Queenie's rule.

Excuse the wonky brushmanship, but as I say, it was 11.30pm at night. Then I went to sleep and imprinted them with duvet cover patterns.

This is really easy to do - no fancy tools required:

1. Blue all over (2 coats)
2. Thick stripes of white vertical, horizontal and diagonal (I used silver in the abscence of white). Don't worry about making these perfect - most of it will be covered by the red.
3. Thin stripes of red over the white/silver.

I only used the brushes which came with the nail varnishes - I dound that by wiping them on the rim of the bottle, I could alter the width of the brush.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dear Diary: 20/04/1997 (aged 12)

I can't stop thinking about Leonardo. I think I love him. I don't really like Lee any more and I'm not sure whether to go to the 911 concert. By the way Zoey had her baby. It is a boy called Joseph. We have got a biology test tomorrow about reproduction. Thomas and Amy came over and we went into the forest. I tidied my room.

Dear Diary: 29/03/1997 (aged 12)

Today we went ice skating and I went REALLY fast. I really hate Lisa. She is such a telltale. She told when Helen and me did a treasure hunt and called her ugly and she told when I put a sign on my door.

Best thing today: Skating fast.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Dear Diary: 23/01/1997 (aged 12)

Today was a boring day. We are swapping places in the form room and I want to stay where I am because I might get a crap locker at the bottom and I want one up at the top.

Best thing today: Nothing really (in the library the white haired lady told Miss Fenton that I had fallen asleep and I got told off. I didn't really. It was embarassing).

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

1995...and now

Sit patiently at your enormous computer, trying to
connect to the internet via dial-up, listening to
that inane squealing noise.

High-speed internet, any time, on the move!

Listen attentively to the Top 40 on a Sunday
evening, recording favourite songs and desperately
trying to hit Stop before the DJ started talking!

Any song, available beginning to end on Spotify, on the move!

Pull up the aerial on mum’s heavy mobile
phone, on the One2One network to send a text to a
friend (1/3...2/3...3/3)

Touch-screen mobiles with the capability of a computer, on the move!

Carefully turn the knob on the radio one iota
to eliminate the ‘crackling’ on your favourite station.

Digital radio with zero interference on the move!

Agonise over setting the timer on the video
recorder to tape Buffy/Top of the Pops/
Sweet Valley High.

Programme the Sky+ recorder from your mobile app……
on the move!

Dear Diary: 12/06/2002 (aged 17)

L arry, no friends
I s a skanky ho
S ays babyish things
A lways copies me

S o disgusting
O gles my diary
T ries to mess up the house
I s such a moaner
R efuses to shut her mouth
I ndividual, she is not!
S cary look'n face

Dear Diary: 18/04/2000 (aged 15)

We went to Aunty Rose's today. She made me laugh by saying that Rich, Abs and Sean from Five were queer! Lisa is ANNOYING me! She has been on the internet for an hour! Even though I have been on for 2 hours. Ooopsy.

Going to Croydon with Cat + Louise tomorrow.


Katie xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Woolworths, I still miss you.


It's hard to believe it's been three years since you left. I still think about you all the time. I think about you when I need fairy lights or a trowel. I think about you when I crave Pick 'n' Mix. I even think about you when my biro runs out. You gave me so much of what I needed and I don't know where to turn now. Standing so steadfast and proud, on the corner by Riva Bingo, I often came to you without knowing why I was even there.

Where, now, can I pick up a bucket and JLS's latest single? You were always so great at multi tasking. Party poppers and plants. Combs and cat beds. Noone does it like you did.

We didn't part on good terms, did we. 'You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone' the famous saying goes, and that's certainly true in our case. I barely raised an eyebrow when the news came through but as time passed I started to realise what I'd lost. Holidays are the hardest. Christmas, Easter, Fireworks Night. You never let me down.

Apparently you've got a website now. I can't bring myself to look, I think it'd be too painful to see your logo. Too many memories.

I'm trying to move on, but it's taking some time. If you ever came back, I'm sure we would pick up exactly where we left off. I know some other people who'd be interested too.

Think about it.

Katie x

Blogosphere - Week 3

Ooh I've had a lovely weekend; a fabulous combination of friends, wine, friends, shopping, cider, sightseeing, beer and, um, shopping!

 Friday I saw a friend who's returned from two years living and working in Brazil. Ended up playing 'Fives' in Opal Bar, drank too much wine and left my cardi in there. Rats!! At least it was only Primark.

 Hauled myself out of bed on Saturday morning for mentoring. I actually took my old diary from when I was her age so we could have a look at it together, then we did a bit of Maths (my favourite!).

Walked down to Brixton to take part in a Cash Mob, which is like a spending flash mob but the group descends on an ailing business to spend some cash and perk them up. My pal Katie works for Yelp who organised it. Following our spendathon, we went to the Duke of Edinburgh and sat out in the massive beer garden for hours, chatting and then went to Gyoza for noodles. Went to the Falcon and the Clapham North for a few drinks but was in bed by midnight..

..becaaauuuse today (Sunday) was megaLondonsightseeingday! Two of my lovely American rellies are visiting the UK so I planned a packed tourist-y day which I was equally as excited about as I've never explored London as a tourist, despite living near all of my life. In all, we managed to cover:

Buckingham Palace
Horseguards Parade
Parliament Square
Big Ben/Houses of Parliament/Westminster Abbey
Westminster Bridge
South Bank
Trafalgar Square
Oxford Street/Afternoon tea
Tower of London

Phew! I had free tickets to ToL through work which was fab as it's flaming £20 each! All in all, it was a really great day with lots and lots and lots of walking; I have a blister the size of a peanut to prove it. BLEUGH!
Clockwise from top-left: Houses of Parliament in the evening, Cider on Saturday afternoon, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, afternoon tea off Oxford Street, view from Westminster Bridge, National Gallery, Tower Bridge)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dear Diary: 10/07/1999 (aged 14)

My right ear is really sore. I hope I'm not allergic to steel. In the park it was sooo funny. There were these 3 boys playing football & 2 of them went away and I changed my trousers behind the bush & I had my grey hotpants on & the boy left could totally see me & he told his friends that I had black knickers on! Then there were these 2 boys playing football who followed us. One looked like Clay from Take 5. Ugly, but ok.

Top Ten
1. Nick Carter lush
2. Joshua Jackson
3. Scott Robinson (nice new hair)
4. Jack Ryder
5. Paul Marazzi
6. Matt Le Blanc
7. Brian Litrell
8. Clint Moffatt
9. Freddie Prinze Junior
10. ? Homer Simpson

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