Tuesday, 29 May 2012

1995...and now

Sit patiently at your enormous computer, trying to
connect to the internet via dial-up, listening to
that inane squealing noise.

High-speed internet, any time, on the move!

Listen attentively to the Top 40 on a Sunday
evening, recording favourite songs and desperately
trying to hit Stop before the DJ started talking!

Any song, available beginning to end on Spotify, on the move!

Pull up the aerial on mum’s heavy mobile
phone, on the One2One network to send a text to a
friend (1/3...2/3...3/3)

Touch-screen mobiles with the capability of a computer, on the move!

Carefully turn the knob on the radio one iota
to eliminate the ‘crackling’ on your favourite station.

Digital radio with zero interference on the move!

Agonise over setting the timer on the video
recorder to tape Buffy/Top of the Pops/
Sweet Valley High.

Programme the Sky+ recorder from your mobile app……
on the move!

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