Monday, 28 May 2012

Blogosphere - Week 3

Ooh I've had a lovely weekend; a fabulous combination of friends, wine, friends, shopping, cider, sightseeing, beer and, um, shopping!

 Friday I saw a friend who's returned from two years living and working in Brazil. Ended up playing 'Fives' in Opal Bar, drank too much wine and left my cardi in there. Rats!! At least it was only Primark.

 Hauled myself out of bed on Saturday morning for mentoring. I actually took my old diary from when I was her age so we could have a look at it together, then we did a bit of Maths (my favourite!).

Walked down to Brixton to take part in a Cash Mob, which is like a spending flash mob but the group descends on an ailing business to spend some cash and perk them up. My pal Katie works for Yelp who organised it. Following our spendathon, we went to the Duke of Edinburgh and sat out in the massive beer garden for hours, chatting and then went to Gyoza for noodles. Went to the Falcon and the Clapham North for a few drinks but was in bed by midnight..

..becaaauuuse today (Sunday) was megaLondonsightseeingday! Two of my lovely American rellies are visiting the UK so I planned a packed tourist-y day which I was equally as excited about as I've never explored London as a tourist, despite living near all of my life. In all, we managed to cover:

Buckingham Palace
Horseguards Parade
Parliament Square
Big Ben/Houses of Parliament/Westminster Abbey
Westminster Bridge
South Bank
Trafalgar Square
Oxford Street/Afternoon tea
Tower of London

Phew! I had free tickets to ToL through work which was fab as it's flaming £20 each! All in all, it was a really great day with lots and lots and lots of walking; I have a blister the size of a peanut to prove it. BLEUGH!
Clockwise from top-left: Houses of Parliament in the evening, Cider on Saturday afternoon, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, afternoon tea off Oxford Street, view from Westminster Bridge, National Gallery, Tower Bridge)


  1. Hello! I had to leave you a comment to tell you that I actually LOVE your blog. I have just read pretty much all your entries. What's weird is that I did a post on old diary entries just before I found your blog! How strange eh?! Also love that you've rhymed Katie with Matey because what else does it really rhyme with?
    Well I had a friend who rhymed it with masterbatey but that's a different story.
    Katie xx

  2. cute photos :) nothing better than chilling in the sun with a nice cold Kopperburg :) Great post :) I hope you will follow my blog :)