Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dear Diary: 10/07/1999 (aged 14)

My right ear is really sore. I hope I'm not allergic to steel. In the park it was sooo funny. There were these 3 boys playing football & 2 of them went away and I changed my trousers behind the bush & I had my grey hotpants on & the boy left could totally see me & he told his friends that I had black knickers on! Then there were these 2 boys playing football who followed us. One looked like Clay from Take 5. Ugly, but ok.

Top Ten
1. Nick Carter lush
2. Joshua Jackson
3. Scott Robinson (nice new hair)
4. Jack Ryder
5. Paul Marazzi
6. Matt Le Blanc
7. Brian Litrell
8. Clint Moffatt
9. Freddie Prinze Junior
10. ? Homer Simpson

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