Sunday, 13 May 2012

Blogosphere – Week 1

This week has flown past (especially the weekend!) and I have absolutely loved my first week of blogging. I have no idea how my visit stats compare to other blogs, but I am so pleased that you have stumbled across my ramblings and hope they raised a smile/wave of nostalgia.

If you’ve enjoyed reading so far, I would love for you to share the link with your friends! You can also receive new posts via email by popping your address in the box to the right. I will be blogging as often as I can – every day if possible so please check in regularly and I promise there will be new titbits for you to read J

The high point of the week just gone was booking a holiday. I’ll be going to Crete with Lisa (yes, we get along now!) to relax in the sunshine. I went out in the evenings a lot this week so am suffering from a cumulative lack of sleep this afternoon but made it to Greenwich to meet friends for lunch following a night in Clapham last night. I’m glad I didn’t spend the day procrastinating.

I finally used a Groupon voucher I had for a massage yesterday and it was just the strangest experience ever. The salon had rung twice to reschedule so I put my foot down when they tried to do it again and thought I’d get it over with. The massage started with the therapist coating me in oil (including my hair!) so I stank of chip fat as a result. The massage was nice enough, but the surroundings were so dank (I could hear the therapist going for a wee in the tiny loo when I was in ‘relaxation time’) and there was no element of luxury or indulgence. Big thumbs down from me! I never really enjoy massages anyway, so I don’t know why I keep going back for more!

This week will be busy at work – it should be really interesting. Hopefully the weather picks up so I can walk home from work and I’m going to try and make up for the lack of gym action this week. Am going to see my favourite band, the Mystery Jets on Friday which should be brilliant, they always put on an amazing show.

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