Monday, 7 May 2012

Music I'm loving at the moment

Alabama Shakes. Their (debut?) album, Boys and Girls is at the top of my playlist at the moment. It's really rare to find an album where I don't have to skip over the 'blah' tracks - every song is great.

I'd been hearing the band's name on the grapevine, so when their album appeared on Spotify I was intruiged. I've been describing their style to my friends as a slowed-down Kings of Leon but I actually think they cover far more genres than KoL - soul, grass-roots old American country, rock and even some funk! 

In addition, I have three songs on my 'May' playlist at the moment:
Untitled No. 3 by Ali Harter
Can't Say No by Conor Maynard
First of My Kind by Miles Kane

The first song I heard on an episode of Grey's Anatomy and Shazam'd. It's lovely. The second is by a new chap, 'the UK Bieber', apparently. I like the grimy baseline (ooh, get me!). The third I heard on the radio and Shazam'd - I like Miles Kane's stuff solo stuff so far, so I was pleased to see it was him.

And hooray for Shazam! I can't count the number of times I've been on a night out/shopping/watching telly and thought 'Ooh, I like the sound of that!'. Out comes Shazam!

(Aside: I have the Spotify app on my iPhone, which means you can pretty much search for, and listen to, any music that you fancy. It's amazing for discovering new music - the only downside being that the playlists you create are at the mercy of Spotify i.e. nothing's downloaded or in hard copy for you to keep).

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