Friday, 11 May 2012

Dear Diary: 08/01/2002 (aged 17)

Can’t believe I was that drunk - how ridiculous! Have decided that when I go out next, only 2 drinks for me!

The FUNNIEST thing in my life happened 2nite. I rewrote Lisa’s French hwk during the hols (coursework - a letter to Santa) and I added on the end, as a joke, “Je voudrais faire l’amour avec toi”. And she didn’t realise and she gave it in!

I have been laughing for hours cos it’s sooooooo funny. Can’t wait to c what the teacher says 2morrow - wonder if she’ll be angry or not??

I hate Miss Brameld, she won’t choose a new form rep, even though my time should be over now, so I keep having to collect the reg[ister].

Bye!! J

Love Katie Sotiris

PS: Still can’t believe Lisa gave in the work! Hehe J

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