Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dear Diary: The Lisa Chronicles, 1999

15/08/1999 (aged 14, Lisa 12)

I can't BELIEVE that Lisa read my diary. I will never forgive her. I hate her for all eternity! I bet she read all of it. I just don't believe it. It meant that she goes through my room! She said that the last time she looked in it was last month. Yeah RIGHT. I HATE her! I wish she would DIE. I hate EVERYTHING about her. Living with her is worse than HELL! 'Painted Babies'* was really interesting. I will laugh at Lisa's funeral!

* Television show

30/09/1999 (aged 15, Lisa 12) - 6 weeks later

I still can't forget the fact that Lisa read my diary. I know now that I can never trust her. I bet she read it all, not just what she said that she read. It's like she has taken the private thoughts out of my head. She betrayed my trust and I can never forgive her for that. Everyone was impressed that me and Mel met Phats & Small. I'm tired but it's only 9.22. Goodnight!

28/10/1999 (aged 15, Lisa 12) - 4 weeks later

Lisa's been reading this. F*** off, you crap bitch! I hate you, stay out of my life. I know you're reading this RIGHT NOW. Please, this diary is private!

Did paper round & shop with mum.

16/11/1999 (aged 15, Lisa 12) - 3 weeks later

Lisa you've been reading my diary! I can tell coz it's all torn up. You're not even supposed to be in my room. How COULD you? Sure, I read your diary once but only ONCE. I swear, I can't trust you, can I? If you have read this, I will be able to tell, cos I have all things in here to see if they are moved or touched. I suppose you've seen the Buffy book too! Oh well, it's your loss. If you've read this, I want you to tell me. I won't be angry at all, I just want to see if you confess. I will know that you've done it anyway, but I want 2 c if you'd tell me. Love, Katie xx

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  1. Love it how you are being nice at the end! Didn't know you knew so many swear words! To my recollection I only ever remember reading it once!