Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dear Diary: 15/03/1996 (aged 11)

Woke up, went to school, had a supply teacher called Mrs Pocock. She was ok. Ashley beat me in the times table competition in 3x5! I was so angry and upset. Watched the Growth video. It was quite funny, but Mrs Huang didn't think so! Came home, went to show dances at the Church and came home after.

I can remember this day. I was good at maths, Ashley, who I sat next to was terrible. In a class quiz, I was so nervous I clammed up and Ashley took a stab at 3x5 - I was so embarrassed to lose.

The growth video was my primary school's stab at sex education, depicting a french family playing volleyball on a nudist beach. Yep.

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