Saturday, 23 June 2012

Top Ten Boys (w/c 03/05/1999)

1. Shane Filan
2. Nick Carter
3. Josh Jackson
4. Rich Neville
5. Scott Robinson
6. Jack Ryder
7. Nicky Westlife
8. Dave Moffatt
9. Matt Le Blanc
10 Leo DiCaprio


  1. I was in love with Joshua Jackson back in the day. I take it you were a Dawson's Creek fan?
    Also Leo was up there and Scott was my fave 5ive member! :) x

  2. I loved Dawsons Creek, especially when Pacey used to take care of Andie, he was adorable :-)

    1. Yeh i loved Pacey and Andie together. I stopped watching it when him and Joey got together because I didn't like her haha x