Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fave places in London: Lupita

The food here is really tasty and the waiters and waitresses are always very friendly (especially the guy who comes across as the manager - so friendly and welcoming! I've been about four times now, and have never been disappointed.

I always go for the same dish - the torta with ceviche, as this is the place I first ordered ceviche (after I saw Nigella make it!) and it's really delicious. The coolness and acidity of the fish compliments the crunchy tortilla perfectly. They could give you a bit more for the price, but the small-ish sizes of the dishes leave plenty of room for desert!

Now I really love the churros here, but the dessert menu itself is no match for Wahaca up by Covent Garden, which does AMAZING dolce de leche ice cream with dark chocolate chips and a larger variety. Saying that, there's still a decent choice at Lupita.

This restaurant is often busy but I have always managed to get a seat. I like it a lot.

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