Monday, 25 June 2012

Fave places in London: Lamb & Flag Pub

It's tucked away but signposted, and is a really lovely, authentic historic pub, right in the heart of Covent Garden but within easy reach of Leicester Square/Strand.

There is a large selection of ales (although I went for a Simmons cider) and plenty of standing room out the front for the summer time. Upstairs there is a large area of tables/booths and chairs and I BELIEVE they serve food - the ketchup bottles on the table were an indicator - although I haven't eaten there yet.

This pub is VERY popular with Thursday/Friday after work drinkers and the very narrow bar area can feel very tight. I was last there last night (Monday), and it was absolutely fine.

My only real gripe is the harsh, bright lighting upstairs. I came for a relaxing drink and catch up with a friend so we sat upstairs, but the lights are as bright as a toilet cubicle which just made it feel a little less 'chilled'.

Other than that, a very endearing place.

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