Thursday, 14 June 2012

Annoying London folk!

1.       People who stop as they come off the escalator – WHAT!?

2.       People who walk straight to the front of the bus queue – RUUUDE!

3.       People who drop litter in plain view of everyone else – NAASTY!

4.       People who get to the tube ticket machine, then start rooting around for their ticket – COME OOON!

5.       People who run across the road in busy traffic – INSANE!?

6.       People who put their bag on the bus seat and don’t make eye contact – BAGGY!

7.       People who join the bar queue after you then shamelessly shout their order above everyone – AAASSHOLE!

8.       People who look like they’re eyeing up your bag – SWIPEY!

9.       People who get on the bus to ask the driver for random directions – LAAAZY!

10.   People who walk in front of you smoking with no consideration of those downwind – GROSSIE!


  1. This post cracked me up, I live in London too and suffer most of these things, what about when you're on the tube and someone steps on your foot, or elbows you in the ribs, all the fun of living in the capital ha :D

  2. Haha i agree with most of these!!